About Us

CyberRangecz is a space for cybersecurity professionals, providing specialized training in daily operations and crisis readiness. Our training equips your professionals to enhance your organization’s security and resilience.

Our Services

Train for your expertise, forge your resilience

Our services provide professionals with essential cybersecurity skills to ensure organizational security and business continuity in challenging times.

Services are led by experienced lecturers and emphasize hands-on learning and knowledge of cybersecurity trends.

Cybersecurity Exercise

Hands-on training for practical skills, teamwork, and real-time threat readiness for any sector.

Cybersecurity Training

Empowering individuals and organizations with essential skills for today’s dynamic cyber landscape.

Cyber range deployment

We will assist you in deploying cyber range, ensuring a smooth setup and operational efficiency.

Cyber range
as a service

Outsource cyber range management for immediate and hassle-free cybersecurity training.

Expert Guidance

Tailored support. Our specialties include Cyber Range Design, Cybersecurity Education Design, and Train the Trainers.

Excelence by Design

When striving for training excellence, the quality of services and their features must inevitably align with the same high standards. This fundamental principle is integrated into our service design.

We cover everything from cyber range deployment to cybersecurity exercises. Our services are adaptable to any sector, allowing for tailored solutions, whether you are onboarding new staff, enhancing existing skills, or preparing for a crisis.

Build crisis resilience hands-on
Tackle real-life attack scenarios
Choose from variable types of exercise & trainings
Try it in a complete 
risk-free environment
Train all key aspects:
  • technology
  • coordination
  • processes
  • communication
  • legal
Experience it with integration of psychology & gamification
Visit cutting-edge venue with a wow effect
Understand attacker logic
Raise the cybersecurity awareness of executives
OT / IT networks
Boost your expertise within specific profession role
Hand-picked threats with techniques, tactics, procedures
NIS2 & CRA Compatible
Professional training facility

Opportunities of Cooperation

Services, Projects, Community

If you have any questions about our services or if you are interested in exploring potential collaborations, please feel free to ask.